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A technique borrowed from pencil drawing, an “expressive stroke” is a line that varies in width, angle, and pressure. Expressive strokes “flow”—unlike a straight line drawn with a ruler—inviting viewers to experience the photograph rather than just being casual observers. Expressive strokes are abundant in nature and are often the subject of my black and white photography.


Botanical forms present rich opportunities for exploring such themes. Most of them are in black and white to eliminate color as a distraction. However, in some of the photos color added an important component to the photograph.

Please enjoy both my botanical images and my new black and white landscapes as well as my original color landscape work.

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Places of Spirt and Light

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Places of Spirt and Light

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Expressive Strokes

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Expressive Strokes

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Guestbook for Quiet Places Photography
Jim Zeller(non-registered)
I saw the show at Grandview U. of country churches and I really liked it, but I didn't see the photographer's name anywhere, so I had to look at the signature on the prints! Beautiful prints beautifully presented. Unfortunately, I'm probably out of town on the day of the opening; I hope it's a big hit!
John Mazur(non-registered)
I was struck by your work while I was at Mary Greeley Medical Center on business. In particular, I was pulled in by Tangle Trees, so much so, I bought it.

I climb the trees. I build tree houses. I run through the field. I invite myself into the home in the background. I wonder down the road looking to discover my imagination that lies in it's distance.

Most of all, I see the color, the color of my imagination.
Jonathan Barlow(non-registered)
As I said in my email, the work here is simply breathtaking. You have captured some of the sprituality of the places photographed in the light. The print that I ordered now hangs in my own studio space, a simple reminder of he whole collection . Best Regards
Toni Mascik Downey(non-registered)
These are amazing. I love the beauty and the spiritual you find in such simple places of worship. They are so much more touching then my cathedrals of Europe (just for pleasure when we travel)
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